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Senior Resources

For the Newly Retired

You may have been planning your retirement for years. But when the time comes to make the transition from life with a regular paycheck to living on a fixed income, there are many decisions to make.

Where do you want to live?  Where can you afford to live, particularly in the current environment where investments have decreased in value?  Are your investments as wisely planned as possible?  Do you have the insurance you need, such as long term care?  Are your will, trust and other legal arrangements in order?  If you move, who can help plan all the details, help you prepare your home and sell it?  And who can assist you in finding a new home, or refer you to a reputable REALTOR® in the area where you plan to move?

For Late Life Transitions

Making the transition to an assisted living facility can be a challenging time for everyone involved.  The decision can come as life in your existing home becomes too challenging to manage, or can be precipitated by a specific event for you or your partner.  Sometimes you may not be able to make the necessary decisions at this time and family members are far away.  Who can come in to make an assessment of you needs?  What are the best facilities in the area available to meet those needs?  How will the move be made affordable?  Will your current home need to be sold to finance the new one?

Whatever comes next for you, this site offers resources to assist you with your plans or decisions.


Whatever comes next for you, this site offers resources to assist you with your plans or decisions.